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Android Auto's 5 Best Hidden Features
Light to Dark Mode
Your Android Auto display can switch between Light and Dark Mode, which is called Day and Night Mode in the app, through the car screen’s settings.
In the main settings, go into Developer Settings and toggle on the Night Mode. This setting will keep your entire screen permanently in Dark Mode.
Start Resume Media
Android Auto allows users to seamlessly sync the music they’re listening to on their phone to their car without interruptions.
Enable the “Automatically resume media” option in your Android Auto settings tab. Alternatively, you can turn the setting off if your car comes pre-equipped with it.
Set A Music App
To ensure Android Auto uses the correct music app when using Google Assistant, head over to the Google Assistant setting, select Music, and choose your preferred app.
Add Apps
Google has a whole list of apps you can install that are compatible with Android Auto, making it easy to access your favorites while on the road.
While you’re not able to scroll through your Instagram or Twitter feeds while driving, you can get Messenger updates like you’d see a text message pop up.
Do Not Disturb
The Android Auto app gets its fair share of updates, including the Do Not Disturb setting. This feature will block out distractions while driving.
In Android Auto’s settings, select “Access on phone screen.” This leads back to your phone to select the settings, and it’ll use your phone’s Do Not Disturb settings.