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A New Social Media App Is Getting Major Attention
BeReal, the next trending social media app, takes a different approach by encouraging its users to share snippets of their actual lives, and despite its simplicity, the app is converting new users on a daily basis. BeReal offers users a way to interact with their friends — and only their friends — instead of the internet at large.
Here’s how it works: your friend group receives a simultaneous prompt at a random time each day, and you have two minutes to open BeReal and take a photo that best displays what you're doing at the time. The 2-minute countdown is what makes BeReal unique; you don't have time to change outfits and try a hundred different angles to make sure you look perfect.
BeReal is currently the top free app on iOS in the United States, with estimates ranging from 20-29.5 million downloads. The rise of BeReal seems like an indirect commentary on the state of social media as a whole, and the way young people are now approaching it. The imperfection of reality is the goal of BeReal, and it seems that many users are drawn to just that.