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A Homemade Cleaning Solution That'll Refresh Your Car's Leather Seats
While leather car seats can be a blessing, they require a lot of money and time to maintain. Luckily, you can make an inexpensive cleaning solution using simple household products.
To make this leather cleaner, gather a bucket or spray bottle to hold the mixture. Next, combine five parts of warm, clean water with one part of Castile soap in the container.
If you don’t have any Castile soap, you can use any dish soap without caustic chemicals like ammonia or bleach, as they can damage the leather.
Use a vacuum or dust buster on your seats to remove dust or debris before applying the mix. Then, spray the solution on or apply it with a washcloth before wiping it off.
Afterward, use a second cloth wetted with just water to wipe down the seats again, then dry them with a clean towel.