A Raspberry Pi Model B single-board computer photographed on white, taken on June 14, 2012. (Photo by Gavin Roberts/PC Plus Magazine via Getty Images)
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8 Best Uses For An Old Raspberry Pi
Home security system
You can turn your old Raspberry Pi into a security camera with a few additional components: a webcam, an SD card, and a power supply. Once you have the hardware, load the necessary software onto the machine and follow the step-by-step instructions created by the Raspberry Pi community if you’re unfamiliar with coding.
Retro gaming machine
No matter how old your Pi is, it should have more than enough power to bring the ultimate arcade machine into the palm of your hand. The RetroPie software package will give you access to a seemingly endless list of arcade, console, and computer games; however, it should be noted that downloading games and emulators could cause legal problems.
Notification hub
A handy way to reuse your old Raspberry Pi and balance your online social media profiles and work emails is by using the device to create a social network notification hub. This project gathers all your notifications and alerts and puts them all in one place, not cyberspace, but right on your desk, countertop, or nightstand.
Ad blocker
The software package, Pi-hole, serves as a network-wide ad blocker that seeks out ads from known ad servers and blocks them from downloading on every device on the network. Pi-hole’s low resource requirements and ease of setting up make it the perfect use for an old Raspberry Pi, which might not be up to running more complex tasks.
Wi-Fi Extender
Turning your old Raspberry Pi into a Wi-Fi extender could solve the internet connectivity issues within your home by boosting the Wi-Fi signal further. The tutorial from PiMyLifeUp explains that you will need a micro-SD card, a power supply, and two Wi-Fi dongles in addition to the Raspberry Pi and the Dnsmasq software package.