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7 Reasons to Stop Using Microsoft Edge
Money Matters
Microsoft seems to be grooming Edge to be a shopping tool rather than a web browser. It now has a built-in feature that lets users "Buy Now, Pay Later," a scheme that often ends up costing people more money when they fall into bad shopping habits.
Privacy Fears
If regular browsing activities are already laden with information companies can harvest, online shopping activities are even riper with user data. Microsoft doesn't have the cleanest track record when it comes to protecting its users from less conscientious agents on the Internet.
Feature Bloat
It's only natural that Microsoft would want to distance Edge from Chrome by adding unique features, but there comes a time when one has to ask whether it's already too much. Extra features aren’t free either, and their complexity can make it difficult to maintain Edge.
It used to be simple to choose a preferred default browser from a list of installed web browsers. On Windows 11, however, Microsoft has changed the game, and the process now requires a lot of work to make anything other than Edge the default web browser.
Intrusive Push
In addition to trying to keep users from leaving Edge, Microsoft has been pretty aggressive in pushing people to use its browser. Microsoft's pop-ups are more intrusive, more incessant, and more interrupting.
Monopoly Deja Vu
Not only is Microsoft making Microsoft Edge an inescapable part of Windows 10 and 11, but it is also integrating Microsoft Edge deeply with its other products. It's likely that regulators will try to put a stop to it, but so far, it seems that Microsoft still has free rein.
Microsoft Tactics
It's almost as if the biggest reason to stay from Edge is Microsoft. While the company has made a huge change in direction in the past years, it seems to be resorting to its old tricks again. Edge is becoming a bloated mess with features that few ever asked for.