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6 Easy Ways To Unlock Your Android Phone Without A Password
A PIN (personal identification number) is the second most secure method of locking a phone. Too many failed attempts can cause the phone to lock or do a complete factory reset.
While this method is secure, be wary of "shoulder surfing" when entering your code, and face your phone's screen away from any potentially prying eyes.
The pattern method allows users to unlock their devices by drawing a set design on a nine-point grid, which can be input more quickly than a password or PIN.
Patterns are medium strength and can be easily seen from across the room. The grease left by your finger might also reveal the design.
Many modern Android phones utilize an under-display fingerprint sensor that can give you a quick and relatively secure way to unlock your device within seconds.
Setting up your fingerprints can be a hassle as some Android phones' sensors are finicky. It's a good idea to register the same fingerprint twice.
While not as secure as using a fingerprint, Android's camera-based facial recognition lock can be convenient when your hands aren't available, such as while cooking.
Like other forms of biometric security, the data collected when scanning your face to set up the lock is stored on a secure section of the phone's chipset.