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5 Strange Milwaukee Power Tools That You Should Check Out
Tire Buffer
The M12 FUEL Low-Speed Tire Buffer is a cordless handheld rotary tool designed explicitly for repairing flat tires that’s easy to maneuver into hard-to-reach places.
It uses a half-dome grinding bit to clean out damaged areas inside flat tires before repair. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer electric tools over air-powered ones.
Soldering Iron
While the tool isn’t anything new, Milwaukee’s M12 12v Sub Compact Soldering Iron has a unique twist: it’s battery-powered and uses the same battery packs as other M12 products.
The tool includes other features, like a swappable tip, a lighting system to let you know when the tip is heated, and a rotating handle, making it easier to reach difficult places.
Draining water can be a pain, but Milwaukee’s M12 Stick Transfer Pump is designed to prevent clogs while maintaining a strong pull even in water full of heavy debris.
The battery-powered transfer pump has a 36” submersible aluminum barrel, making reaching the bottom of deep reservoirs and trenches easy.
Backpack Vacuum
The M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Cordless Backpack Vacuum utilizes Milwaukee’s patented battery technology to offer customers an alternative to large shop vacs.
Milwaukee reports this unique mobile vacuum is designed to “deliver up to 2X more suction power than traditional job site vacs” but with significantly less noise.
Tower Light
Good lighting is vital for ensuring the job is done correctly and safely, making Milwaukee’s MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light a blessing on job sites.
Milwaukee says this easy-to-move collapsible tower light can be plugged in or run cordless, providing “four multidirectional LED light heads” that “cast up to 27,000 lumens.”