A 2016 Apple MacBook laptop computer, taken on April 15, 2016. (Photo by Olly Curtis/MacFormat Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
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5 MacBook Features That Will Change The Way You Use Your Laptop
While the macOS is known for its clean and accessible interface, many Mac users might have missed some handy features that can improve productivity.
Apple products feature seamless integration between different devices through a communication system called Continuity, which comes with numerous features like Handoff.
Handoff allows users to easily move their work between each of their devices, but they must be near each other. This can be activated in the general settings of most devices.
Hot Corner
Hot Corner allows you to use the corners of your screen as shortcuts for specific actions, giving you a quick way to access features like Launchpad.
To access Hot Corner, open the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver, then select Hot Corners in the Screen Saver tab to assign shortcuts.
The built-in trackpad can be customized, giving users the ability to adjust tracking speed, click firmness, and even turn off the click sound and select gestures.
Open the Apple Menu > System Settings > Trackpad to see the options available, then check the boxes for the features you want.
If you frequently have to sign PDF emails, the Preview app allows you to sign anything, saving you the hassle of going through any extra steps.
Open the document in Preview, click the Show Markup icon followed by the “Sign” box. Select Trackpad to sign your name or select Camera to take a photo of a signature.
Many might not be aware that Macs have a built-in screenshot and screen-record tool that allows you to save images or record videos of your screen.
To use the Screenshot tool, open the Launchpad and select it from the “Other” folder. You can also use the “Command + Shift + 5” shortcut or select it from the touchbar.