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2023 Nissan Z: Everything We Know
So Far
In 2022 the Nissan Z sports car will see a much-needed update. Without shaking up the classic formula too much, the automaker will add modern comforts and pay homage to the classic Fairlady Zs released in the 1970s.
The vehicle will sport a new V6 engine and mark the first time that the Z has received turbo power since the 300ZX. The added power will make it quick enough to keep up with competitors like the Supra and Mustang GT.
The Engine
The engine will come with two transmission options: a standard six-speed manual and a nine-speed automatic. Both transmissions are also slated to come with optional electronic launch control, a first for the platform.
The Z’s external design could be described as “retro-futuristic,” with the Z emblem itself nearly identical to its 1970s look. Available colors will be either a monotone paint option or paired with a black roof for a two-tone color scheme.
The Looks
The Interior
Nissan put a lot of focus into updating the interior, which will include a modern touch infotainment system, USB charge port, 12V outlets, and brand new seats and steering wheel. Keyless entry will be a new feature, too.
Handling Performance
With improved chassis engineering, the Z will increase maximum cornering grip up to 13 percent. Plus, its new shock absorber design will reduce dampening force by about 20 percent to further enhance performance and handling.
Nissan will offer two trim packages for 2023 Z — Sport and Performance. Both packages feature the same power output, and both can be specced out with either the manual or automatic transmission.
Trim Options
The Z will show off upgraded brakes and improved tires, providing shorter stopping distances and better brake longevity in track driving conditions. The performance package will have 14-inch diameter rotors up front and 13.8-inch at the rear.
The manufacturer has held both the price and the release date of the 2023 Z close to its chest. Ballpark estimates range from around $40k for Z Sport to at least $44k for Z Performance, with a possible release date in autumn.
Pricing and Release