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18 Classic Cars That Are Cheap To Buy Today
Studebaker Lark
For the budget-minded classic car buyer, a Lark can be an excellent choice — it’s a relatively reliable and comfortable cruiser almost as likely to draw attention at a gas pump as a Ferrari. A few decent-looking listings sold recently for affordable sums, such as one at Clasiq for $4,600.
Ford Fairmont
Although boxy and boring, the Fairmont shares multiple parts with the third-generation Mustang and can be modified with the same drivetrain and suspension components, creating a capable sleeper. One listing shows a Fairmont in drivable but well-used condition for just $3,000.
Mercedes-Benz 190E
Often referred to as the "Baby Benz," the 190E showed up in 1982 and was the first in the compact class. It’s attractive, with a solid quality, and still retains a sense of luxury. Recent sales on Bring A Trailer range from $5,900 to $10,000 for well-sorted but used models with few flaws.
Dodge Aspen
For years, the ideal car for a young American was something with two doors, a front V8 engine, and rear-wheel drive, and while many such vehicles are now collector’s items and museum pieces, the Aspen is still attainable. Hemmings lists some for an affordable $4,950 or $7,800.
Porsche 924
With a unique development history, the 924 is an entry-level Porsche that’s not particularly fast but has superb handling. 924s are gaining in popularity but still have not risen to unreachable price levels, as average cars that are ready to drive are listed on Car Gurus for under $10,000.