Brussels, Belgium - January 14, 2014: White Jaguar F-type coupe sports car on display at the 2014 Brussels motor show. People in the background are looking at the cars.
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15 Best Jaguars of All Time
Jaguar E-Type
When Jaguar launched the E-Type in 1961, with its long sleek aerodynamic design, the drop-dead gorgeous sports car was unlike anything on the road. The E-Type is not only one of the most beautiful cars of all time, but it also excels in performance and handling, making it one of the most influential vehicles in sports car design.
Jaguar XK120
As Jaguar’s first sports car made after the Second World War, the XK120 earned its name from reaching a maximum speed of 124.6 mph during early tests. Initially, Jaguar planned to make only 200 XK120 cars when production began in 1948; however, demand for the sportscar inspired the company to manufacture over 12,000 vehicles.
Jaguar Mark 2
Jaguar introduced the MK2, a four-door, mid-size luxury vehicle, in 1959 as the successor to the MK1. Produced until 1967, the car is often a top choice for detectives and bank robbers in action movies with car chase scenes, but its combination of performance, responsive handling, and interior luxury created a demand among classic car enthusiasts.
Jaguar D-Type
Winner of the Le Mans three years in a row, the Jaguar D-Type was a highly successful race car. In 1954, when first produced, the D-Type, with its 3.4L engine, lightweight materials, and aerodynamic technology, generated 245 horsepower, accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, and reached a top speed of 167.8 mph.
Jaguar XKSS
In 1956, Jaguar decided to withdraw from motorsports and focus on creating a road-legal version of the D-Type. It added, among other features, a passenger-side door and a chrome-framed windscreen and side screens to block the wind at high speed. Hence, the world's first supercar was born, the Jaguar XKSS.