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15 Best Cadillacs of All Time
The Beast
President Biden rides in a highly modified Cadillac, known as the Beast. Despite details being heavily guarded by the Secret Service, some things are known about the limousine — for instance, it has an hermetically sealed climate system and Kevlar-reinforced tires.
Eldorado Brougham
This 1957 model was an exercise in excess and loaded with as much hand-built luxury as possible. Only 400 cars were sold at a retail price of $13,074, nearly double the price of any other model in the lineup, and today they are among the most collectible of all Cadillacs.
Series 452 V-16
Purported to be the smoothest and quietest car on the road, the 1930 Series 45 featured the new V16 engine that was as luxurious and elegant as it came at the time. The car was not for everyone, as its list price started at $5,350, or around $86,333 in 2021.
Built on the same chassis as the Corvette, the XLR-V showed consumers that Cadillac was serious about delivering a true sports car that handled better than its boat-like lineup, with performance to match. It boasts a low noise level, the Northstar V8, and a $100,000 price tag.
CTS-V Wagon
For the 2011 model year, GM introduced the CTS-V Wagon, with 556-horsepower supercharged 6.2 liter V8 and a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. It was adorned with leather and Alcantara in the interior and on special Recaro seats — and every bit as good as a BMW M-car.