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12 Best Uses For Old Laptops
"Lighter" Computer
If your laptop was running slow, you might just need a more simple operating system (OS). As long as it meets some minimum requirements, you can upload a new and lighter OS like Neverware's CloudReady or PrimeOS quickly and easily.
Game Server
If you've ever wanted to set up a private game server, there's no better place to get your feet wet than Minecraft. The process is relatively simple, if you're comfortable fiddling with Notepad files and copying a couple of lines of characters.
Personal Megaplex
Even if your old laptop doesn't run very well, it should be able to play stored video files without too much trouble. Connect it to your TV through one of the TV's HDMI ports or to a Plex server to expand your library beyond what you just have downloaded.
Retro Gaming Machine
Turning your laptop into a retro gaming machine is perhaps the best way to relive the early days of computer gaming. Simply load it up with emulators and ROMs, and since the files are so small, you can easily house just about every retro game ever made on it.
File Server
Turning your laptop into a file server is like having your own personal mini cloud for housing all of your digital possessions. Try using TrueNAS CORE, which is a free, open-source solution for converting your operating system to a network-associated file server.