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12 Best Uses For Old iPhones
VR Headset
Your old iPhone is a great low-cost option for you to experiment with virtual reality (VR); a head-mounted frame like Google Cardboard only costs about $20. You won't have access to the same VR lineup as more advanced devices, but there are still a lot of fun VR experiences your iPhone is fully capable of running.
Landline phone
Just because your iPhone is no longer connected to cellular service, doesn't mean it's lost all of its contact functions. iMessage and FaceTime will work over Wi-Fi, turning your discarded iPhone into a modern version of a landline at home, complete with video calling capabilities.
Digital picture frame
Your photos are already happily stored on your old iPhone, and all it takes is an application from the App store to transform your abandoned phone into a digital photo frame. LiveFrame is one such example, which can display photos stored on your iPhone, and even allows you to customize your viewing experience.
Weather center
This solution requires additional equipment, but it's a great way to turn an old iPhone into something new. The Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station comes with two small towers that gather weather data to provide accurate local predictions, which are displayed on your iPhone via an accompanying app.
Semi-Pro Camera
Dedicating your deserted iPhone to a camera can be accomplished without any additional steps, but you can enhance it with attachments and accessories. From phone cases with built-in lenses for landscape photography to filters, light polarizers, and brighter flashes, there's a wide world of iPhone camera upgrades.