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10 Reason to Stop Using Google Chrome
Performance and Stability
Chrome's insatiable hunger for RAM and battery power is something we are all aware of. While people have become more dependent on the Web and laptops with relatively limited hardware resources, Chrome crashing because of running out of memory or some bug from an extension is the last thing one needs.
Extensions Security
Extensions or third-party add-ons endanger the stability of the browser as well as the security of users in the long run. Google’s Chrome Web Store is more open than its Play Store for Android, and the lack of quality control allows for a lot of malware-laden extensions to slip through the cracks.
Settings Bloat
Chrome has pages upon pages of settings, which means it requires a mini-search to look for certain controls. While the “feature” allows users to tweak almost every aspect of how their browser behaves, it also makes it easy to bury important privacy or security settings.
Slow Feature Development
Compared to Microsoft Edge or Opera, Chrome is slow to actually add new features. Although a new Chrome is released almost every month, the changes are bite-sized and focus on fixes rather than big new features.
Ecosystem Lock-in
The increasing number of features that integrate other Google products raises red flags when it comes to monopolistic business practices. The web browser, which should mostly be indifferent to anything outside of it, makes it harder to switch away from other Google products when you're knee-deep into them.