LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 25:  Tom Cruise seen on a night out at The Twenty Two restaurant on July 25, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Ricky Vigil M/GC Images)
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10 Rare Cars In Tom Cruise's Collection That Prove He Has Great Taste
Porsche 911 (996)
Tom Cruise is a noted fan of the Porsche 911, and he owns a black 996 — a model with a mixed reputation thanks to its controversial design, switch from air-cooling to water-cooling, and parts shared with the cheaper Boxster convertible. Despite the controversy, the 996 was objectively better than the previous 993 generation.
Dodge Colt
Not all cars in Cruise’s collection are valuable, like the actor’s first car that allowed him to travel from his home in New Jersey to New York in pursuit of an acting career: the Dodge Colt. Although it bears an American logo, the Colt was a rebranded Mitsubishi Galant, which was imported to the U.S. in 1971 after Chrysler acquired a stake in Mitsubishi.
Porsche 911 (993)
Popular among all manner of celebrities — including Cruise — the 993 generation of 911s was the first to offer a six-speed manual transmission and the last to be air-cooled. At its heart sat a 3.6-liter, 6-cylinder engine that made 272 horsepower in naturally-aspirated form or 282 horsepower in later models.
Chevy Chevelle SS '70
The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is one of the most highly-regarded muscle cars of its era and is reported to be one of Cruise’s earliest purchases after becoming successful. The actor took his Chevelle SS to the big screen in the 2012 movie “Jack Reacher,” where the car is featured in some of the film’s most iconic scenes.
Porsche 928
Several 928s were used in the filming of “Risky Business,” one of Cruise’s breakout roles, and though the actor didn’t take home any of the cars, he would eventually purchase his own. The 928 was initially designed to replace the 911 and received critical acclaim; however, 911 buyers weren’t interested, and the model was quietly scrapped in 1995.