Steve Wozniak Actor Tipped For Jobs Biopic

This week the actor known as Josh Gad, aka the star of the hit Broadway play The Book of Mormon, has been tipped to be playing Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Though we generally try to stick to the technical background behind a film when we cover such Hollywood news bits here on SlashGear, it's always fun to pop in a little actor action, especially when it has to do with casting a major role in our everyday consumer gadget environment. Now that we've got Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs and the South Park creator's play star as Woz, who will they find to play Jonathan Ive?

This movie will show how Steve Jobs and the people surrounding him worked together (and against one another) to create the world we live in now – Apple filled. This movie will show Jobs starting out as a Northern Californian so-called hippie and follows him all the way up to present day Apple. This films already has $5 million USD in funds to shoot and will be an independent film, so to speak.

The actor picked up today has been in several small films and is, again, part of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's epic play The Book of Mormon. We'll hopefully be seeing a few cameo appearances by SoCal tech superstars here and there, and there's always the chance that Woz himself, a notoriously fun-loving fellow, will sneak into the film in one place or another as well. Have a peek at a short history of Woz's latest adventures in the timeline below:

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