Star Wars office paper comes in a box that doubles as artwork

There's a fine line between a fun Star Wars-themed item and a seemingly pointless Star Wars-themed item. We'll let you decide which category the following product falls into, but we'll presume its the latter one: office paper. As in, the white sheets of ordinary paper you put in the inkjet and use to print out whatever still needs to exist in paper form. The paper itself isn't themed, just the packaging it comes in.

The item has cropped up on, and it is a bit of head scratcher. This is the kind of thing you buy when you love something so much, you want to see it everywhere...even places it doesn't need to be, places where it serves no purpose. Places you're rarely even going to see it, unless you happen to stare frequently at your boxes of printer paper.

As the images show, the box itself is themed with Star Wars artwork, with the lid in particular being a single 'poster' that, the company points out, you can hang on your wall after you're finished with the box. Or, alternatively, you can use the empty box to store other things that you love enough to shroud in Star Wars imagery. Whatever works.

As far as the paper goes, it's ordinary 20lb 8.5 x 11 92 bright printer sheets. There are 500 sheets per ream and 10 reams per box. The reams themselves are covered in black-and-white Star Wars images, though you probably can't conserve those very well unless you're careful opening the package. Each box is priced at $39.99 USD.