Spotify US Launch Tomorrow

Joy unto the mountains, the greatest subscriber music service in the whole wide world will be launching officially in the USA tomorrow. This is the most highly touted music service in the UK, Spotify, being quite like a Netflix for music, if you know what I mean, streaming whatever music you like from whatever internet-connected device you have hooked up to the service, with the only limit being your ability to keep listening to music 24 hours at a time – unlimited plans will be $9.99 a month while the $4.99 "ad free" service will be available as well. The difference between the two lies in mobile access: want to listen on your Android or iPhone? Gotta pay that price!

While we've still not got the full details, we do know for certain that the US launch of this service will indeed be tomorrow. If you're one of the lucky few to have either been living in the UK experiencing this masterpiece for the past few years OR your living here in the USA and somehow or another got ahold of some service, you're probably saying you're feeling a slight bit less special now, but that you are indeed glad that your friends the Americans are about to be able to listen to every single Metallica album in a row, including the rarities, without limits, from our mobile phones. Stream it all!

There are some competitors here in the USA that Spotify hasn't really had to deal with over there across the pond, but Rhapsody, MOG, and Rdio haven't had the press that Spotify has, and certainly with the amount of hype it's been getting over the past few weeks alone, we're sure it'll do just fine!

UPDATE: This'll be a sort of BETA launch, with accounts and tracks and all that good stuff not entirely ready for the bigtime, but testings will be bumpin!