Spotify for iPad and iPhone update brings browse mode and more

Spotify has rolled out a new update for its iPhone and iPad apps that bring a variety of changes, some of them being fixes for known bugs and others being new features, with some improvement scattered betwixt the two. Perhaps the most notable change with the update is the addition of Browse in place of what was previous What's New.

According to the change log for the latest update (0.9.1), the Browse mode makes it easy to find a playlist for various things, with Spotify using "Music to eat tacos to, anyone?" as a tongue-in-cheek example. The other new feature with the update is the ability to follow both artists and friends for easy monitoring of releases and playlists. The latter of these two is presently only available for the iPad, but is promised to be available soon to iPhone users.

Also added is the ability to toggle a playlist between public and secret on the iPhone and iPad both. Three improvements have arrived with the update, and with them users get more intelligent and responsive search on the iPad, with iPhone users eventually getting it. The login and sign up process for both iPhone and iPad is "more streamlined" and simplified. And rounding it out is a "shiny new look" for playlists on the iPad, with, again, iPhone users being promised it soon.

What is called a pesky bug on the iPhone version that surfaced when sharing via a text message, email, or tweet has been fixed. And for a bit of good natured humor, the change log ends with a fictious change that promises to increase one's "good karma." The update is available to grab from the App Store now, and clocks in at 34.3MB.

SOURCE: iDownload Blog