Spiderman portable radio made from Spidey’s severed head

James Allan Brady - Sep 21, 2007

Just like the picture shows, it’s a radio, based on the wall clinger’s head. It can do AM/FM radio and play CDs.

There is also a handle and a gaudy antenna. To bad its not a more up to date version with an iPod dock and HD radio support, then it would be worth it.

It’s not yet available, except on pre-order where it will run you $50. I suppose if you have some offspring that is a fan of Spidey this would be a good gift, but not for $50. Plus the kid would probably share my complaint of no iPod dock as even that little hellion probably has an iPod.

Listen To Tunes Straight From Spiderman’s Disembodied Head [via gearfuse]

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