Speck Debuts new Covers and Sleeves for the MacBook Air 11" and 13"

Speck launched three new products for the just released MacBook Air for those who want to protect it while keeping it looking light and sleek.  All three products will be available for the MacBook Air 11" and 13".

The PixelSleeve Air is a tight fitting sleeve that wraps your MacBook Air in a textured neoprene exterior with a soft micro-fleece interior.  Featuring Speck's trademark pixel-pattern design on the outside giving it grip and style, the PixelSleeve Air has also been made zipper-free so that it's airport security friendly.  The PixelSleeve Air will be available in February in Black, Aubergine, and Peacock for $34.95 MSRP

The SeeThru and SeeThru Satin Cases are two piece cases that snap onto your MacBook Air giving you a tight fitting hard shell protection.  The minimal design offers access to all the port areas and access to the back/hinge area.  The four rubberized feet on the bottom help keep your laptop in place as you open and close the screen.  The ultra thin plastic doesn't add bulk to your MacBook Air while providing protection.  The sleek and shiny SeeThru is available in Clear right now, with additional colors Cobalt and Rasberry available in March.  The SeeThru Satin has a frosted look with a soft-touch rubber coating that still allows the Apple logo to shine through.  The SeeThru Satin is available in Black right now, with additional colors Aubergine, Mango, and Peacock available in March.  Both are $49.95 MSRP

[Via BusinessWire]