Space tech used to create headphones for iPhone that can monitor heart rate

The European Space Agency (ESA) has used some of its cool space tech to create a set of headphones for the iPhone that can monitor your heart rate as you jog or exercise. Anyone that has used a device that monitors heart rate while exercising knows that the things have belts that you have to put around your chest that are not very comfortable.

The headphones the ESA has crafted are able to get the heart rate of the wearer for the tissues of the ear so the only thing the person needs to monitor their vital signs is to put the phoned phones on and listen to their favorite music. The ESA also says that future versions of the headphones could also collect other vital signs.

For instance, people prone to low oxygen levels in the blood with exercise could use headphones that monitor the level of oxygen in their blood. These headphones could be perfect for the rehabilitation industry and for people who like to exercise and keep their heart rate in a specific range. The headphones would use an app to show the user the data recorded. There is no word on when the tech will come to market in a product you can buy.