South Park creators reveal MPAA corruption in plain english

Chris Burns - Mar 29, 2012, 2:25pm CDT
South Park creators reveal MPAA corruption in plain english

The creators of the hit cartoon series South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, did an interview at the Paley Center in which they revealed some shocking allegations of mis-deeds of the MPAA. This video is one of many in which these two fellows let loose on a variety of groups (as they’re prone to do), but the MPAA clip has begun to gain significant traffic this week as the MPAA finds its name popping up in relation to the Megaupload saga as well as the soon to be released movie “Bully” which will be released without the MPAA’s approval. Have a peek at what this pair of foul-mouthed miscreants has to say about how seemingly corrupt the MPAA appears to have gotten.

What the guys say here is that they’ve got two cases of dealing with the MPAA in regards to their ratings duties – one with the movie “Orgazmo” which they produced as an independent group, the other with the first South Park movie which was produced with Paramount Pictures. The first case has the MPAA giving their movie an NC-17 rating without explanation, demanding that they send in new cuts of the movie until they get it right so they can release it with an “R” rating.

The second case has the MPAA acquiescing to the requests of Paramount to give them specific edit suggestions so they can get it right (for an R rating) all at once. Have a peek at the video, beware some of the bleeped words if you’re at work. And as always, let us know what you think!

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