Sony working on new version of Mylo

Will it be a Mylo 2? Or are they just going to sneak in the new features of WiFi and a Camera? There isn't much info, but other than the camera revealed from the diagrams and the 802.11g WiFi from the wireless testing, there doesn't appear to be much else different from the original.

The slide out QWERTY keyboard is there still, and I assume that for the most part the UI is probably the same, other than adding in some functionality for use with the camera and a way to connect to WiFi networks. Word is the camera with have a macro mode and probably a flash for low-light situations.

Other than that it looks the same. For those of you that don't remember, this was Sony's go at a really nice wireless instant messenger, it was rather pricey, but it offered up a lot of communications apps as well as a file/media sharing app so you could stream or transfer files from one Mylo to another. You could also surf the web with the device as well as use Skype, Google Talk, an Yahoo Messenger.

Sony's cookin' up a mylo 2 [via electronista]