Sony Vaio VCC111 Chromebook gets FCC support

Sony's flagship Chrome OS-powered computer has just been given the green light by the Federal Communications Commission. This means as far as the regulatory paperwork goes, the device is ready to go on sale in the US, and obviously Sony wouldn't have submitted it to the FCC unless it was essentially ready for production. So hopefully we'll start seeing it on store shelves soon.

The Vaio VCC111 joins products from Samsung and Acer that have pledged support for Google's ambitious cloud-based operating system. We haven't heard a whole lot about Chrome OS since its introduction, but this is a good sign that we're ready to move from a state of potential and prototypes to something that will actually be introduced to the retail community. There's no question that Google managed to flip the world of mobile OSes on its head, but can it do the same with traditional computing operating systems?

That is no doubt a tall order, but it will be interesting to watch. The Vaio VCC111 appears to have headphone and microphone jacks, an HDMI connection, built-in SD card reader, and at least two USB inputs. The display measures in at 11.6 inches. Oh, and of course, the ultimate tell – there is no Windows button. Of course, Sony hasn't made any official announcements about when this contraption will go on sale, but we can keep our fingers crossed that it will be soon.

[via Engadget]