Sony VAIO UX490 UMPC unboxed

Ah, the good old unboxing.  It's the modern-day equivalent of taking your knitting to the local hanging, what with all the vicarious pleasure on offer.  Latest to strip off its cardboard sheath and say "hello world!" is the VAIO UX490N/C UMPC, the update to Sony's screen-sliding miniature masterpiece, with new owner Berto showing off the retail packaging and the device itself (complete with extended battery).


It answers a couple of questions, too; Sony have begun to supply the UX490 with both standard and extended batteries, together with a Bluetooth GPS receiver, and there was some confusion as to whether that was a launch offer, a co-delivered bundle or something actually packaged up in the retail box.  Well, as you can see from the photo above, both the batteries and the GPS are name-checked on the carton, so it looks as though they're a mainstay of the package.

A slightly less pleasant inclusion is the vast quantity of bloatware Sony insist on installing.  With some manufacturers (Dell springs to mind) offering a crap-free version, when are Sony going to catch up and make sure that first-impressions are as good as they could be?

UX490N/C unboxing [Micro PC Talk]