Sony unveils small B170 Walkman audio player

Sony has added a new device to its Walkman range called the B170. This new Walkman is small and compact with a fast charging battery for playback on the go. The device has an integrated USB connector under a cap on the player and looks a bit like a flash drive. The USB connector can be used to directly connect the player to your computer or stereo with no wires needed.

The B170 has a bass boost button that deepens the low-end bass of your tunes so you can enjoy the bass and feel it. The coolest feature of the player for me is that when it runs out of power, and you are in a hurry; a 3-minute charge will get you 90 minutes of playback. On a full charge, the battery inside the B170 is good for 18 hours of playback.

A clip on the back of the player will keep the player on your belt or bag, and the player comes in several colors. Each player has a color matched LED that flashes in time to the music. Once plugged into a computer, music can be dragged to the player for loading. Sony also made the player to serve as a voice recorder as well. Zappin search tech is able to go through your library of tunes and gives you a short clip of each; a press of the Zap button gets you the whole tune.