Sony Slash Google TV Prices; NSZ-GT1 Blu-Ray Deck Under $300

Sony has slashed prices on its Google TV range as part of its Black Friday promotions, reducing its larger HDTVs by up to $200 and cutting a whopping 25-percent from its NSZ-GT1 Google TV Blu-ray player. That makes the Blu-ray deck the same $299.99 as Logitech is asking for their Revue, though you're also getting a more compact (if arguably confusing) remote control and Blu-ray playback.

As for the HDTVs, the 40-inch NSX-40GT1 is down $100 to $899.99, while the 46-inch NSX-46GT1 is down $200 to $1,199.99. Best of all, you've got until November 29 to make your mind up, since Sony isn't stopping the deals at the end of Black Friday.

We weren't 100-percent convinced by Google TV and how street-ready the smart TV platform is when we reviewed Logitech's Revue yesterday, but a couple hundred dollars off the sticker price of a new Sony HDTV might leave us a little more willing to accommodate the teething pains. As for the Blu-ray player, considering the NSZ-GT1 is now the same price as the Revue itself, it seems crazy not to opt for that over the Logitech.