Sony refreshes VAIO RM Desktop and FE notebook

With Santa Rosa on the horizon and processors price cuts from Intel, many manufacturers feel a little upgrade could help their products lineup handles Windows Vista better.

Today, Sony upgrades two systems on its computer lineup. The VAIO RM desktop now uses Intel's updated Core 2 Duo that sports 4MB of level 2 cache at 1.8Ghz as its base configuration. GeForce 8600GTS is also now available as an options. The system starts at $1,574.

Sony also upgrades its 15.5-inch Sony VAIO FE laptop, from 1.7Ghz Celeron M to 1.86Ghz. The FE laptop also gets memory upgrades to 1GB and largest harddrive capacity to 100GB. It is available in Japan on May 26th retailing at $1,367.

Sony speeds up VAIO RM desktop, FE notebook [via electronista]