Sony PlayStation 3 Father’s Day Bundle Includes HDMI Cable After Long Last

Evan Selleck - Jun 3, 2010
Sony PlayStation 3 Father’s Day Bundle Includes HDMI Cable After Long Last

If you’re a lucky owner of a PlayStation 3, then you know what it feels like to open up a box that contains a console that’s fully capable of HD-output, but it’s missing one very key element: the cables. Sure, it’s frustrating, but it just means you get to spend more money, and that’s never a bad thing, right? Sure, we imagine that including the cables right from the out-set might have been the better thing to do, so hopefully you’ll take it when you can get it. Start counting down the days to Father’s Day, then.

Sony’s got it in their heads that father’s out there, and probably some of their offspring, might want to actually have their HDMI cables bundled with their PlayStation 3 consoles. Thank goodness for holidays, then, because Sony’s finally including it, along with a copy of the ever-popular LittleBigPlanet.

You could have always used those PlayStation 2 component cables, but you never would have reached that coveted 1080p HD quality. Unless you dropped somewhere in the ballpark of $40 for the necessary cables, this package would be perfect for you. Unless you already own one, then maybe it’s not a wise investment. If you’ve been waiting for Sony to get their act together, then you don’t have much longer to wait. Now, Microsoft, let’s see you put those cables back in your boxes, yeah?

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]

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