Sony Nextep Computer Packs OLED and Can be Worn on the Wrist in 2020

Evan Selleck - May 25, 2010, 1:43pm CDT
Sony Nextep Computer Packs OLED and Can be Worn on the Wrist in 2020

This thing is ridiculous. We’re all for great concepts, and we’re even more excited about seeing crazy things that we can wear on our body. Like a watch. Or a fanny pack for the chest. But when it looks this shiny, and packs enough features to make anyone drool, we have to say we’re pretty skeptical. Or maybe we just don’t want to be let down. Meet the future of computing for Sony: the Nextep Computer.

When we think about mobile computing right now, we picture all sorts of different netbooks, laptops, and even tablets at this point. And, while some watches out there offer up Bluetooth capabilities to show our text messages, we want something better. A lot better. And thanks to the crazy minds at Sony, it looks like 2020 is the target date to get us what we want. The Nextep Computer concept is completely designed to be worn on your wrist like a watch — so much so, in fact, that its OLED panels are of the touchscreen nature, but are completely flexible to shape around your wrist.

It also features a holographic projector (of course, right? Why not?), and a slide-out keyboard that’s separated at the middle, for easy typing. You can fold out the Nextep Computer, and place it on the table to answer your emails, Instant Messages, or whatever else you need to do on your mobile watch computer. Sony’s targeting this for a 2020 projected release date, but let’s face it: that’s only 10 years away. We’ll keep our hopes up, though.

[via Ubergizmo]

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