Sony Joins HP’s DVD manufactured-on-demand Service

Daniel Lim - Jan 25, 2008, 3:55pm CST

I got bored reading the overwhelming video-on-demand news these days, not to mention writing one, but may be this MOD from HP is something interesting because I didn’t know its existence till now! Pity me. The DVD manufactured-on-demand service from HP allows retailers to custom order niche and older DVD titles online that’s not available on the video market. Call me old timer, I never heard of DVD manufactured-on-demand service before. The latest news on the street is HP has reached a licensing agreement from Sony, the first Major Studio to support the MOD.

In fact, the year old HP’s MOD already has more than 5,000 titles from 40 suppliers, mainly small studio in movie industry. Having big fish like Sony on board definitely looks good on the new line-up. It’s part of HP’s Digital Content Services that targets foreign, special interests, cable TV, independent titles and classic or older TV shows that never been released before on DVD. The custom order discs are burned with special software and hardware using industry DVD-Video standard and CSS encryption format.

The company estimates loses of $500 million in rare title sales each year that aren’t made available to purchase online. They also believe that the MOD service could gain additional $1 – $1.5 billion dollars in annual sale.

Well, i guess your question is will they make the same services available for Blu-Ray as well? Hp told tgdaily that they are exploring the ideas of having the same content on Blu-Ray disc, it’s possible.

[via videobusiness]

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