Sony Hands Out Rainchecks in Lieu of PS3s

Benjamin Nied - Oct 30, 2006

Let’s face it; Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch isn’t exactly going as well as they planned. Aside from gaining the ire of gamers everywhere with their questionable tactics, they’re faced a massive console shortage that has left many gamers wondering when they’ll finally be able to get a hold of one of the super-consoles. While American buyers have 400,000 consoles to fight over (let the eBay wars begin!), Japanese gamers are only getting 100,000 consoles to divide amongst themselves. So Sony, it its infinite wisdom, is handing out rainchecks (to Japanese gamers only for the time being) that functions as an IOU when new consoles arrive next year. Again, only the Japanese market seems to be receiving this deal, as American buyers are more likely to, er, “reject” such an offer.

[via IGN]

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