Sony DPP-FP95 and DPP-FP75 HDMI capable photo printers

With these printers you can print at a max resolution of 300x300 dots per inch. Then, you can hook up the printer to your HDTV via HDMI to show the photos in all their high resolution glory.

Both printers are more or less the same with the biggest noticeable difference (other than color) being the screen size where the 95 has a 3.6" screen the 75 has a 3.2" screen. They both also have BIONZ technology built in which allows for Bluetooth file transfer from the printer to a computer with a compatible Bluetooth dongle plugged in and configured.

I wonder if that BIONZ technology also allows you to transfer pictures from your mobile phone to the printer for printing or display? Regardless, they aren't too terribly expensive with the higher end 95 model going for $190 and the lower end 75 model going for $150.

[via akihabranews]