Sony denies rumble feature in new SIXAXIS

I'm sure that plenty of you out there have a PS3, if so, I doubt that you've missed the fact that your controller doth not rumble. It has been speculated for some time that Sony is putting the rumble in a new iteration of the SIXAXIS, but sadly Sony has come forward to deny this.

Dave Karraker, Director of Corporate Communications for the giant recently made the following statement regarding rumble, "we have not added rumble [to PS3], and have no announcements regarding this feature." I guess that Sony still thinks that people don't care about it, and that rumbling is a "last generation feature."

Karraker did mention that new controllers sent out to the development community included "slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analog sticks and the motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller." How exciting.

Sony: 'We Have not Added Rumble' to PS3 Controller [via pcworld]