Sony announces DRX-S70U-W CD/DVD burner

Many netbook users will agree that one of the biggest shortcomings of the small and portable computer systems is that they lack optical drives. The lack of an optical drive is most noticeable for many business users who still get data on CD or DVD frequently. Sony has announced a new slim external USB CD burner called the DRX-S70U-W that is specifically for notebook and netbook users.

The burner is a small and slim device that is apparently powered completely by the USB port of the computer. The drive can burn 8X DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R dual layer media, DVD+RW and CD-R/RW media all at fast speeds.

Sony is also bundling the drive with Nero DVD/CD mastering software suite. The thin burner will be available at the end of October online and in select retailer stores. The DRX-S70U-W will be offered in white or black colors.