Sony and RealD team for 3D at home

Shane McGlaun - Dec 18, 2009, 5:24am CST
Sony and RealD team for 3D at home

The best news I have heard this week was that the specs for 3D Blu-ray were finalized and that the PS3 would support 3D. That means with a simple firmware update PS3 owners will be able to enjoy 3D movies assuming they have a compatible TV. Sounds like it’s time for me to upgrade!

Sony also announced this week that it has teamed up with RealD to bring 3D technology to the home. You might recognize the RealD name as the company who is behind the 3D technology for many of the high-end 3D films in theaters like Avatar and others. Odds are if you watched a 3D movie in the theater lately, RealD was the tech behind the cool movie.

Sony will be licensing RealD tech for use in consumer products in 2010, including the stereoscopic 3D tech behind RealD in theaters. The tech will go into 3D Bravia LCD TVs and 3D eyewear needed to view the content.

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