Sonos’ Home Audio Just Got A Sirius Boost

James Allan Brady - Aug 15, 2007

LinuxDevices is reporting, Sonos, known for their easy set-up home audio equipment and wireless streaming of all sorts of audio, has recently made the choice to add Sirius to their list of services they offer.

We did a review of some of their older equipment a while back, you can find that here. Since then they have added a pair of speakers to their lineup and that’s pretty much it. The big news comes in the form of this being one of the first Linux-powered devices to be granted the right to play Sirius.

I used to have Sirius radio, and I loved it, some things financially ceased to workout, and, due solely to the nature of the service, it was on the top of my list of things I could do without. I have never used the Sonos system before myself, but our editor seemed pretty impressed, and I am a big fan of Pandora Internet Radio which you can also stream wirelessly throughout your house using this system. The hardware runs about $1000 for a basic two room setup, Sirius is free for thirty days, then, I assume it reverts back to its usual pricing, which varies from a month to month plan all the way up to the occasional lifetime membership.

Linux-powered device gains Sirius playback [via LinuxDevices]

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