Sonicare You DSLR Image Sensor With DDPro

Long before a built-in dusk removal tool available on a D-SLR, the dread sensor blobs were the common issues among the 'dirty' shooter. There are number of sensor cleaning products available since then. Some of them use solution from wet, dry, vacuum, tape to blow, whatever it takes to get the job done.

I found this Japanese sensor cleaning product while J-surfing (nothing hentai, seriosuly), i thought you might find it interesting.

It utilizes an electronic brush method to remove the dreading sensor blobs. Unlike Sonicare power toothbrush, the DD pro only needs a minute instead of the 2-minute cleaning interval (the kids would love it!). It runs on 3xAAA batteries with replaceable brush tip. The cleaning procedure is simple, switch your camera in cleaning mode and brush away! The price is quite reasonable, for 8000 yen ($76), you get the brushing system but toothpaste sold separately.

[via DDpro]