Sonic The Hedgehog Coming To Android, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation, And MORE!

It appears that the strangest of all Sonic the Hedgehog titles: Sonic CD, will be the first title to grace the gears of Android, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, Windows PC, and Windows Phone soon. While we're certainly excited that everyone's favorite hedgehog will be coming to a whole mess of platforms, we've got to jump back at the idea that it wasn't Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, or even Sonic Adventure that came out first, we're glad that at least one of the THIRTY Sonic the Hedgehog titles will make its way to every single one of our favorite platforms – we can play anywhere!

While the fact that this game is being re-configured for our modern world of mobile would be good enough news as it is, there's also news that the "Japanese soundtrack" will be included in the release. Whether this just means it'll come with downloads for PC and consoles OR if it means it'll come in a package download for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android too is still a mystery – app bonuses? We'd love that!

This game includes such fan favorite characters as Amy Rose, Sonic, and of course the alter-ego of our hero: Metal Sonic – blast through enemies with the greatest of ease until you grab victory with a duck and zoom action! This entire game has been re-mastered for our updated consoles and platforms across the board, yet each level is made up of all of its original components. The original storyline remains in tact as well, as Sonic CD finds the evil Dr Eggman attempt to steal the Time Stones from the Little Planet – Sonic must beat down enemies all along his path as he attempts to recover the Time Stones and save his lady Amy Rose from the uniquely hardcore Metal Sonic.

Special iOS features, Xbox LIVE Achievements, PSN Trophies, PC Achievements and more will be included in this special release. Looking forward to its drop on all systems soon!

Original intro below: