Some Galaxy S8 users complain of reddish screens

No smartphone is perfect, of course, but manufacturers are expected to at least avoid glaring bugs and issues, especially at launch. Considering how much Samsung is banking on the Galaxy S8's success, you'd expect it to be very careful not to mess things up so soon. As some early Korean users have discovered to their dismay, however, that just isn't the case. Some are reporting that their screens are exhibiting a very reddish tint that won't go away, no matter the settings.

At first brush, it might seem like an effect of the software that tries to adapt the display's settings to ambient light as well as the content being shown. Indeed, Samsung's semi-official statement is that such settings can be adjusted. Affected users, however, complain that they can't do so because the setting used is already "optimized."

An anonymous industry watcher offers an alternative explanation, one that puts the blame on Samsung. Samsung supposedly strengthened the red subpixel of its AMOLED display to compensate for the fact that its OLEDs have more green than red or blue. Samsung may have inadvertently caused a color imbalance in the process.

To be fair, not all units are affected and we have yet to hear about any Galaxy S8 launched outside of Korea that exhibit the same problem. However, Samsung has not even acknowledged the issue at all. And until it does so, it might not accept returns or exchanges since they're not technically considered defective.

While pretty isolated, this is just the latest in a growing list of complaints about the Galaxy S8, some of which started even before the smartphone launched. Those include the off-center placement of the fingerprint sensor, the lockdown of the Bixby button, and Bixby's incomplete implementation, among other things. With news breaking out that the Galaxy S8+ has virtually the same battery as the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, all eyes will be on the larger model to see if it will be just as explosive.

SOURCE: Korea Herald