Solar Vox is a Portable Solar-Powered Charger Looking for Funding

Evan Selleck - Dec 23, 2010
Solar Vox is a Portable Solar-Powered Charger Looking for Funding

For a concept design to become real, and find its way into consumers all over the world, it needs money. That’s where Kickstarter comes in. A service designed to help creators find the means to get their ideas off the ground, and hopefully onto shelves where people can actually buy them. We’ve seen an iPod Nano watch hit the big time thanks to Kickstarter, and now a solar-powered portable gadget charger is looking for some funding. Designed by Eric Strebel, it’s a simple device with a lot of potential.

Strebel calls it the Solar Vox, and it’s designed to be a portable, and easy to use device to charge your other gadgets while you’re out doing things. It’s a box that features the ability to be set in four different positions. The hope is that, no matter what position the sun is in the sky, you’ll be able to tilt the Solar Vox in such a way that it will be able to soak in as many rays as possible. It features replaceable batteries, and several different USB connectors.

Strebel says that the Solar Vox is perfect for those in the world that are environmentally conscious, and anyone who falls into the “techie” description. Of course, if you hike, or take long trips that won’t let you access a traditional wall outlet as often as you’d like, the Solar Vox is a perfect option for you. As of the time of this writing, the Solar Vox has received $2,139 in funding, out of the $35,000 of its total goal. Feel like you can donate to help the Solar Vox become a reality? Head through this link.

[via Wired]

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