Solar Trees Are Charging On the Go Made Not So Portable

Ever been at the beach and realized that your cell phone was about to die? Ever been at the beach, noticed that your cell phone was about to die, and cared? Well, if you have, or perhaps a bit more realistically you needed to charge your digital camera while trapsing around, then it looks like a team of developers has just the thing for you. They're called Solar Trees, and you guessed it, they're solar powered.

Jun-Se Kim, Min-Goo Kim and Dong-Eon Kim are the designers of these nifty pieces of gadgetry, but as of right now the information regarding much of anything is pretty lacking. We do have an assortment of pictures, from which we can gather the general usage of these artificial trees. There are three built-in outlets within the "trunk" of the solar trees, and it's a pretty safe bet they are not designed for the standard wall outlets here on our shores. The pictures seem to be focused on beach travel, but it's a pretty safe bet that you can potentially take this anywhere, even if you can't necessarily force it into the ground to stand on its own.

Sure, the usability of this thing can be questioned pretty easily, or if there's any real reason to use it, but that image of the solar trees planted everywhere on the beach seems pretty interesting. While charging your cell phone on the beach seems almost counter-productive to the fun you are probably supposed to be having, getting that camera out and finding out its dead is probably quite frustrating. Well, here's an easy fix. No word on availability or pricing.

[via Yanko Design]