Snapchat loophole could allow users to be identified

Snapchat is an application that was originally designed to allow users to take photos and videos that they could send to other users that automatically deleted after 10 seconds. The pics were supposed to be unable to be copied, but hacks quickly surfaced that allowed the images to be saved no matter the apps intentions.

A report has surfaced that claims a loophole in the coding and API of Snapchat could allow hackers to identify the user of an app. The loophole reportedly leaves the users name and phone number vulnerable. The report of the Snapchat vulnerability comes from security firm Gibson Security.

The security firm claims that Snapchat knew about this flaw in August, but didn't do anything to fix it. The security firm says that hackers that access this information could use it to build profiles about users that could be sold.

The biggest worry though is that stalkers could use the information to find users in the real world. The security firm says that stalkers could find the phone number of the user in minutes if they know the general area where the user lives.