SmartHome Intellicorder from GE

Wouldn't you like to know when your scary mother-in-law is at the door with a tuna casserole so you could hide? Now you can with GE SmartHome Intellicorder. It has a little camera that fits right inside your regular peephole so that you can see who is at the door without getting caught peering out. My house is full of windows so I can't possibly pretend to not be home and actually find out who is at the door. It also has a motion activated device that records small bits of video and audio for while you were out. That way you know who has stopped by and depending on how sensitive it is what types of birds flew past.

All info is recorded on a removable SD card that can be transferred to a computer hard drive or recorded to CDs or DVDs. Which means you can forever save that priceless video when you catch your best friend picking his nose. I must warn you this is a pricey little number, although it seems a small price to pay for a nice quiet afternoon away from the in-laws and other door to door pests. This useful gadget can be purchased for $299.99 plus shipping.

GE SmartHome Intellicorder [via popgadget]