Slug bug…..chocolate?

Abby McVay - Feb 21, 2007
Slug bug…..chocolate?

I seriously doubt this bug is all that road friendly, but it would be really funny to see flying down the highway. A Chinese car company wrapped the bug in plastic wrap and then spread 440 pounds of melted chocolate all over the bug.

They even put flowers and lettering that spelled out “love”. I would have loved to have been there for the conversation where the boss declares to the employees he wants to dip a car in chocolate. Not only that, but he also doesn’t wants to use it for the companies advertisement, no he wants to put it in front of a grocery store.

I just get a little sad when I think about what is going to happen to all of that chocolate, because I don’t think it’s likely that they will eat any of it. If they did that would be one heck of an office party though.

Chocolate-covered Volkswagen Beetle [via popgadget]

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