SleepPhones - keep your tunes going all night

Anyone who has slept around or with someone who snores knows how hard it is to get to sleep with that obnoxious noise in the background. I stayed in a hotel once where the person in the next room snored so loudly that I could hear it through the walls. I feel truly sorry for their significant other. These SleepPhones are a much more comfortable solution as opposed to sleeping with earbuds or even earplugs in to block out the noise.

I have dealt with sleeping with earbuds before and woke up with one hanging out of my ear. Then once I switched to headphones I tended to wake up with my ears killing me from being pressed against my head all night long. The nice thing is that this is a full kit to help you sleep all night, not just the headband.

It comes with a lavender satchel, a CD with binaural beats and an instructional booklet. Obviously, so you can figure out what cord gets plugged into where, I know I get a bit perplexed when I have to plug in my headphones. The set is being sold for $60.

[via bb gadgets]