SlashPhone touchy-feely with Frost White Helio Drift

Chris Davies - Nov 25, 2006

It’s a sumptuous day of cellphones don’t’cha think, and to ice the metaphorical cake nicely is the terribly limited edition Frost White Helio Drift.  SlashPhone, our cell-obsessed sibling, has managed to score one of apparently ten examples of this sexy little GPS-enabled handheld, promptly filming the unboxing and then coaxing it into the studio for a damn good photoshooting.


Is this mobile morsel the 3G phone to own, or just another attempt to coerce the MySpace generation into managing their social lives on the oh-so-small screen?  Right now we’ll have to sate our curiosity with a menu walk-through video and Vincent’s initial impression that it feels great in the hand and has some awesome features.  Keep checking SlashPhone for the full review!

Frost White Helio Drift

White Helio Drift Unboxing and initial impressions [SlashPhone]

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