Daily Wrap-up for 08/25/2006

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 26, 2006
Daily Wrap-up for 08/25/2006

Wow, Friday was a good day for a couple of new announcements. Out of nowhere, the Zune showed up on FCC website as “Toshiba 1098”. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 spec was spread eagle for all to see! There is more bad press about PS3 production woes, while Vertu is soon to announce an affordable fashion phone (the term affordable is so relative). The ASUS R2H got a formal welcome into the world of UMPC-hood, good luck and may the force be with you. How about Samsung’s announcement of the 1.98-inch 400ppi VGA screen for cell phone? If that doesn’t give you a boner, then you’ve got some issues! Speaking of boner, how about that monstrous 100-inch TFT-LCD display from LG? Then there’s the PSP GPS add-on that sticks out like a sore thumb. Oh yes, tune in the morning of Sept 12 for the latest breaking news of Palm’s new Treo. What a great week of news coverage!

So what didn’t we get a chance to write about on Friday? Lets have a look. How about Sharp’s n702is phone featuring the really cool battery meter – isn’t that a hot story or what? My wife really enjoy reading about the hands free can opener, so I guess it should make it on this article. Wouldn’t it be splendid if you can share with the world what’s on your mind with your clothing? Sooner or later, parking is a thing of the past. Check out the new KEF KHT5005.2 surround speakers priced at $2K, if you’re in the market for a new pair of speakers. In the event that your partner’s snoring keeps you awake at night, consider looking into the Snore Stopper – priced at $59.95. It’s worn like a wristwatch – zapping him at the slightest hint of “oink, oink, wheeeeew” in the night. I think this will be a present for my mom to give to my dad. I think the Solar Powered Visor Radio is hideous looking; then again so does a BT headset hanging off the ear. Looks like we missed a key announcement of the LX-2B1U external Blu-ray writer; lucky for you folks this article is put together daily.



Next week, look for a review of the Cardo Scala-700 BT headset (picture on the right), Naneu Pro mini Goombah/Goombah professional camera roller-backpack. We’ll muster up enough energy to run the Samsung Q1 UMPC along with the Nokia E70 smartphone (maybe). Thanks again for your continued support and daily visits to SlashGear! Without your readership, we’d be writing in vein. Enjoy your weekend, and come back fresh and ready for the latest tech and gadget news Monday morning!

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